The Sea-crossing Transmission Line Project in Penang Successfully Completes the Installation of the First 100m-tall Steel Tower


Recently, the first 100m-tall steel tower of the Sea-crossing Transmission Line Project in Penang, Malaysia, has been successfully installed, marking the project starts to install the towers with all its strength.

The first 100m-tall steel tower is divided into 9 sections and installed by a 600t large floating crane section by section. The project team worked together, cooperated efficiently, and completed the lifting and installation of 4 sections above 60m in one day based on the rich construction experience. The installation of the tower is greatly affected by wind speed, velocity and weather, so since the beginning after entering the site, the project department has collected, analyzed and predicted the wind speed, velocity and weather conditions of the project site, and accurately calculated the installation period suitable for the 100m-tall tower. In the face of high-altitude work, confined space, high temperature and other difficulties, the project department fully carried out risk assessment and took effective safety measures to successfully complete the installation of the first 100m-tall steel tower through careful production organization and reasonable arrangements, while ensuring the quality and safety.

The successful installation of the first 100m-tall steel tower has offered valuable experience for the subsequent lifting work of tall towers. In the next step, the project department will continue to work steadily, strictly control the construction progress, quality and safety of the project, and strive to deliver the project with quality guaranteed as soon as possible.