The HAERBIN-DALIAN Passenger Special Railway Line


This section of the railway project runs through JIlin, Heilongjiang and lining provinces in Notheeast China with a total length of 345.596km for the main line. It mainly includes : inter-regional works of 8,724,900m3 earth and stone works,

  • 6,995,400m3 station earth and stone works, 8,026,500m CFG piles
  • 26 extra-large bridges with the length of 288,793.1 linear meters
  • 12 large and medium sized bridges with the length of 3,541.8 linear meters
  • 115 culverts with the length of 2,833.55 cross linear meters
  • laying 324.78km main-line railway tracks
  • 39.102km station-line railway tracks
  • 135 units of switches
  • placing 156,127m3 ballast aggregate

The contractual period is 50.5 months. The characteristics of this project are that the standards are high, the time is limited, the requirements are high and the investment is large.