Sonaref Refinery Project Dredging for Marine Facilities, Angola

Dredging in a trapezoid area about 2000m long and 300m wide at the maximum width location, excavating the specified area a 15 meter deep...

The Reclamation Works in Flota, Columbia

The reclamation works in Flota, Columbia with a dredged and reclaimed volume of 2.3 million m3.

Reclamation of 1.4 million m2 and shore protection works in Sabah, Malaysia.

Reclamation of 1.4 million m2 and shore protection works in Sabah, Malaysia.

Cameroon Kribi Deep Sea Port

Cameroon Kribi Deep Sea Port is located on the western coast of Africa, 30Km away from Kribi city of Cameroon. The dredging works of this...

The Design Parameters of the Approach Channel of Hambantota Port

The design parameters of The approach channel of Hambantota Port is as follow: Depth :-16m Length:1260m Width of channel bottom : 210m Construction area...

Dredging and Reclamation Work of Livestock Terminal, Sudan

Project of Livestock Terminal is to be executed in 2 phases. Phase 1 is dredging of channel, port basin and trench, with total dredging...

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ECRL Section 6 Starts the Erection of the First T-beam for Section C

Recently, the CCCC ECRL Section 6 has accurately and smoothly placed the first T-beam for the No. 11 Bridge on the pier, marking a good start of the T-beam erection for Section C under ECRL Section 6.

ECRL Section 6 Starts Laying Tracks for the First Track-laying Section

Recently, with the track laying machine rumbling, the sleepers and the tracks slowly fell from the track laying machine in turn. The acceptance and handover of the first track-laying section of the ECRL Section 6 was completed and the track-laying construction started, marking the official entry into the track laying stage of the B Section under ECRL Section 6, 37 days ahead of the original plan.

Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak Attends the Celebration for the Achievement of 1,500,000 Man-hours...

Recently, the celebration for the achievement of 1,500,000 man-hours without LTI of Sarawak No.2 Trunk Road Section B1 Project in Malaysia was held in Sri Aman. Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas - Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Port Development of Sarawak, and Richard – Director General of Sarawak Public Works Department (JKR Sarawak) attended the celebration and gave speeches. Local councillors, heads of various divisions of Sarawak Public Works Department, head of Sri Aman Branch head and project leader of JV Company were also present at the celebration.

ECRL Project Successfully Makes the First Turn-around of the Track-laying Unit

Recently, as the main engine of the track-laying machine was smoothly lifted back to the track at the special level crossing for the large-scale hoisting at the track-laying base from the axial low flatbed trailer, the CCCC ECRL project has successfully made the first turn-around of the track-laying unit. As a key step of connecting the first and second paving sections of the main line, the smooth turn of the track-laying unit indicates that the project is ready for the start of the long-track laying in the second paving section in advance.

The 275kV Sea-crossing Transmission Line Project in Penang, Malaysia Completes Hoisting of All Offshore...

Recently, as the last piece of prefabricated shell for the P9 platform was hoisted and aligned, the 275kV sea-crossing transmission line project in Penang, Malaysia has successfully completed hoisting of all offshore maintenance platforms, laying a foundation for the installation of iron towers along the whole line.