Cameroon Kribi Deep Sea Port


Cameroon Kribi Deep Sea Port is located on the western coast of Africa, 30Km away from Kribi city of Cameroon.

The dredging works of this project include trench, berth, turning basin and approaching channel, and the total quantity of dredging is 2.2million m³.The geological conditions of these areas are extremely complex. According to geotechnical investigation, the materials from top layer to the bottom are hard clay, mudstone, completely weathered migmatite, highly weathered migmatite, medium weathered migmatite and medium weathered silt rock.

Additionally, great quantity of lenticular distributes in the area. Especially, the geotechnical condition in trench and berth is more complex. The construction team are faced with great challenge due to the hard clay (SPT>50) with large area and short construction period.

Based on the above circumstance, one huge grab dredger(200m³) and one medium sized grab dredger(18m³) are mobilized to the site, as well as five self-propelled barge (four with 1000m³one with 2000m³),one none-propelled barge(3000m³) and onet tugboat(4000HP).The dredging method, stratified excavation and excavation combined with crushing rock, was adopted, and then perfect construction efficiency has been achieved. Until March, 2003, the dredging quantity completed was 1.05million m3, and the dredging works have being carried out very smoothly.