The Design Parameters of the Approach Channel of Hambantota Port


The design parameters of The approach channel of Hambantota Port is as follow:

  • Depth :-16m
  • Length:1260m
  • Width of channel bottom : 210m
  • Construction area :292,000m2
  • Quantity of hard materials blasting :1,840,000m3

The construction period for under water blasting is limited due to the west-south monsoon. The average consumption of explosive is 20t per day.

The characteristic of dredging construction as following :

  • The mixing technology of emulsion explosive on the site , which is first time adopted for the deep-hole blasting of dredging construction on the offshore.
  • The position of blasting ship and drilling depth of hole controlled by GPS and drilling rod to reach the maximum blasting effect .
  • Through building temporary breakwater to prevent waves , this project combines bared detonation and explosion by tiny type reef blasting ship to shallow water area , and then implements the deep blasting which is done by giant reef blasting ship.

The implement of Site Mixed Emulsion on oversea deep-hole blasting solves the demand of explosive of this project, reduced the cost and improved the efficiency of construction, and greatly insured the construction security and project duration.