Design, Construction and Completion Of The Second Penang Bridge, Package 1- Main Navigation Span And Substructure And Foundations Works For Approach Spans


The Proposed Second Penang Bridge (P2B) is Malaysia’s largest civil works for the past 20 years.

China Harbour is to Design, Construction and Completion of The Second Penang Bridge Package 1: Main Navigation Span and Sub-structure and Foundation Works for Approach Spans. The scope of work includes the

  • main bridge deck system,
  • navigation lights,
  • decorative lights the main bridge,
  • approach bridge foundation and substructure.

The length of marine bridge of P2B is 16.370 km, milestone is K00 + 543.460 to K16 + 913.460. The main bridge comprises of the twin towers with 3-span cable-stayed span arrangement for 117.5 + 240 + 117.5m, tower height of 103.28m, using Φ2300mm bored pile foundation pile group. Approaching bridge uses 55m span bridge type arrangement, most of the foundation uses Φ1000mm PHC piles, Φ1500mm bored piles are adopted for the foundation near the mainland side, foundation of high ends of the main bridge adopts Φ1600mm steel pipe piles.

Major quantity of the work includes dredging of

  • about 923 cubic meters,
  • construction of 66 nos.
  • Φ2300mm bored piles,
  • 80 nos. Φ1500mm bored piles,
  • 5168 nos. Φ1000mm PHC piles,
  • 368 nos. Φ1600mm steel pipe pile,
  • 293 nos.cushion caps and pier body
  • Casting of two main towers and main Bridge deck System, approximately 263,000 m3 of concrete and
  • 42,700 tons of steel in total.