Hambantota International Airport Development Project, Sri Lanka

This project comprises of construction of a runway of 3500m length and 75m width which will be able to accommodate Airbus A380 Aircraft. A Stub Taxiway of 370m in length and 60m in width and an Apron with 73000 m2 (10 parking positions) will be done.
A Passenger Terminal Building of 10,000 m2, a Cargo building of 5,000 m2 and an Air traffic control tower at 35m height will be built. Ancillary works including Meteorological Building, Fire Station, Water Station, Waste Treatment Plants, Flight Control Tower, 2 nos. Sub-station, Sewage Treatment Plants and the facilities supporting the operation of the airport, such as drainage system, sewage system, lighting system, electrical engineering, communication and navigation system, roads and parking etc..