Workboat Wharf and Auxiliary Facilities of China-Myanmar Crude Oil Pipeline Project


The engineering work in the Made Island, situated at the west coast of Myanmar, takes the lead of the Myanmar-China Crude Oil Pipeline Project, which mainly involves the construction on the 300,000 DWT crude oil terminal and twelve 100,000 m3 oil tanks.

The Terminal Engineering Project Department (referred to as the Project Department) of CHEC for the Myanmar-China Crude Oil Pipeline, acting as the EPC contractor, is responsible for implementing the works such as the temporary caisson outbound terminal, 5,000DWT Workboat Wharf, 300,000DWT crude oil terminal, 38 km waterway dredging, Made Initial Station oil tank farm earthwork balance and ground treatment Project, and large slope retaining project.

Since its establishment, the Project Department has actively fulfilled the Company’s social responsibilities, donated and sponsored supplies and facilities valued a few hundred thousand US dollars to the people of Myanmar in past few years, helping 49 dropout children in the Made Island return to school, and actively implementing the re-employment program.

Myanmar employees accounts for 70% of the total number of employees in the project. It has also made outstanding efforts in terms of environmental protection. In the development of the future market in Myanmar, the Project Department will continue to support the Myanmar community with practical actions.