Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak Attends the Celebration for the Achievement of 1,500,000 Man-hours without LTI of Sarawak No.2 Trunk Road Section B1 Project in Malaysia


Recently, the celebration for the achievement of 1,500,000 man-hours without LTI of Sarawak No.2 Trunk Road Section B1 Project in Malaysia was held in Sri Aman. Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas – Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Port Development of Sarawak, and Richard – Director General of Sarawak Public Works Department (JKR Sarawak) attended the celebration and gave speeches. Local councillors, heads of various divisions of Sarawak Public Works Department, head of Sri Aman Branch head and project leader of JV Company were also present at the celebration.

At the event, Douglas personally awarded the certificate to CHEC and delivered a speech. In his speech, he congratulated and spoke highly of CHEC’s achievements in safety work, while he called on relevant parties to work together to ensure the safety of users and builders of transportation facilities. Douglas stressed that safety is a key factor in the success of a project, and it is necessary to ensure the safety and health of the construction site through the cooperation and joint efforts of all members. On behalf of the owner, Richard introduced the latest progress of the B1 project and expressed his satisfaction with the project progress and safety control.

The holding of this event is another progress made by the Sarawak No.2 Trunk Road B1 project after winning the 2022 Safety Management Gold Award, which fully highlights the high recognition of CHEC’s safety work by the government and the owner. In the next stage, the project will, on the basis of effectively assuming safety responsibilities, strengthen the implementation based on the target, seize the upcoming gold construction period in the dry season, and fully promote the project to complete the annual target with high quality.