ECRL Project Successfully Makes the First Turn-around of the Track-laying Unit


Recently, as the main engine of the track-laying machine was smoothly lifted back to the track at the special level crossing for the large-scale hoisting at the track-laying base from the axial low flatbed trailer, the CCCC ECRL project has successfully made the first turn-around of the track-laying unit. As a key step of connecting the first and second paving sections of the main line, the smooth turn of the track-laying unit indicates that the project is ready for the start of the long-track laying in the second paving section in advance.

According to the overall construction plan, the track-laying work of the ECRL Project is to be completed in four stages, and the track-laying unit needs to turn around three times. The first paving section is from Kuantan Port Station to Dungun Station, and then the first turn-around is made for the track laying of the second paving section from Kuantan Port Station to Maran Station. After this, the second turn-around is made for the track laying of the third paving section from Dungun Station to Kota Baru Station, the starting point of the line. Finally, the third turn-around is made to lay the tracks for the fourth paving section from Maran Station to Kingcaston Station, the end of the line.

The track laying unit mainly consists of the main engine of the track laying machine, the power tractor, two gantry cranes for transporting sleepers and the dual-purpose steel rail tractor. The main engine, the largest component, is 30.7m long, 3m wide and 5m high, and weighs 108 tons. In the face of such extraordinary equipment turning around, the ECRL Section 10 attaches great importance to it. It had deployed the turn-around plan a month before the end of the first paving section, and had repeatedly analyzed and calculated the turn-around plan in combination with the heavy lifting company to ensure perfect safety. In this turn-around of the track laying unit, two machines were used to lift it to the axial low flatbed trailer, which used to complete the turn in the track laying base, and then the track laying machine was lifted back in place, so as to avoid the cumbersome process of disassembly and reassembly of the track laying machine, and ensure that the stability of the track laying machine after the overall commissioning is not destroyed. This turn-around scheme greatly reduces the lifting radius, effectively improves the work efficiency and lifting safety factor, and greatly saves time and equipment leasing costs.

It took only 10 days for the track-laying unit to withdraw from Dungun Station, complete the turn-around and the maintenance, which was 10 days shorter than the original plan, and accumulated valuable experience for the following two turn-around. 

The owner, Malaysia Rail Link Sdn Bnd (MRL), and relevant departments of the ECRL Project General Manager Department participated in on-site safety supervision and guidance.