ECRL Section 6 Starts the Erection of the First T-beam for Section C


Recently, the CCCC ECRL Section 6 has accurately and smoothly placed the first T-beam for the No. 11 Bridge on the pier, marking a good start of the T-beam erection for Section C under ECRL Section 6.

The Section C under ECRL Section 6 has a total length of 31.58km, with 11 bridges and 324 T-beams. In order to ensure the smooth construction of T-beam erection, the project department has prepared a special plan and safety technical plan for T-beam erection in detail, and all functional departments have cooperated closely, organized and held several beam erection technical discussions, and carried out safety and technical disclosure to all the operators at the construction site. During the construction process, the project department has comprehensively considered the connection work of the various construction links, including beam making, beam storage, beam transporting and beam erection, developed a detailedplan for beam making and beam erection, organized and coordinated the various processes, arranged for relevant people responsible for coordination and command at the site, sent special personnel to inspect the beam transporting channel every day, and set up full-time traffic commanders at public road intersections and tunnel entrances and exits, so as to ensure the overall construction process is safe and controllable.

The smooth erection of the first T-beam for Section C marks another step up in the overall construction progress of the project department, and further inspires the enthusiasm of all employees of the project department to take part in the labor competition of “ensuring safety,  creating high-quality products and winning on all fronts”, laying a solid foundation for fully promoting the completion of the annual construction task.