The 275kV Sea-crossing Transmission Line Project in Penang, Malaysia Completes Hoisting of All Offshore Maintenance Platforms


Recently, as the last piece of prefabricated shell for the P9 platform was hoisted and aligned, the 275kV sea-crossing transmission line project in Penang, Malaysia has successfully completed hoisting of all offshore maintenance platforms, laying a foundation for the installation of iron towers along the whole line.

There are a total of 26 offshore maintenance platforms, which are shaped like oval vases. They can be divided into MP1, MP2 and MP3 according to types, and are mainly used to provide offshore tower maintenance platforms. The maintenance platforms are built through the technologies of overall prefabrication at the prefab yard + overall transportation and hoisting of by floating crane. The hoisting started on November 22, 2023 and lasted 4 months. Faced with the problem of heavy-weight hoisting of super-sized prefabricated components, the project team adopted the technologies of block prefabrication + wet joint splicing to overcome the precise alignment of the reserved steel bars in the wet joints and the stability of the eccentric structure during the construction process. By means of numerical hoisting simulation and anti-crack analysis of hoisting, the prefabricated components of the 26 pier special-shaped maintenance platforms along the whole line were successfully hoisted.

After the completion of the hoisting of the offshore maintenance platforms, the project team will go all out to promote the target nodes of the tower installation along the line, so as to lay a solid foundation for the subsequent transmission line erection construction and continually promote the overall progress of the project to a new stage.