ECRL Section 6 Starts Laying Tracks for the First Track-laying Section


Recently, with the track laying machine rumbling, the sleepers and the tracks slowly fell from the track laying machine in turn. The acceptance and handover of the first track-laying section of the ECRL Section 6 was completed and the track-laying construction started, marking the official entry into the track laying stage of the B Section under ECRL Section 6, 37 days ahead of the original plan.

The first section handed over by ECRL Section 6 is 11.1km long, starting at CH313+900 and ending at CH325+000, which goes through Kotasas Station. In order to ensure the smooth transfer of the first track-laying section to the Track-laying Division, ECRL Section 6 held several construction coordination meetings to clarify the target nodes and the management responsibilities, and coordinated various construction resources. In the face of adverse factors such as the rainy season, shortage of flooring, and tight construction schedule, the management team at the site made precise deployment, faced difficulties directly, and promoted the construction progress safely and efficiently, thus successfully completing the acceptance and handover of the first track-laying section and started laying the tracks.

The smooth handover of the first track-laying section shows the good momentum of the Project Department sparing no effort to carry out the construction. And ECRL Section 6 will continue to maintain their fighting enthusiasm, do a good job in the construction and production of the subsequent sections, and ensure the smooth handover of the sections. At the same time, ECRL Section 6 will take this opportunity to anchor the annual target, and do its best to improve quality and efficiency and bravely take the lead, so as to constantly win new victories in the labor competition of “ensuring safety, creating high-quality products, and winning the battle on all fronts”.