Hambantota Port Development Project (Phase I)


The Project comprises the construction of Stage 1 of the Port of Hambantota as a services and industrial port on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The main construction work includes: excavation of the 17m depth Basin area, dredging of 210m Wide Entrance channel to 16m depth, construction of 2 nos. General Purpose Berth with the capacity of 100,000 tons, 1 no. Oil Berth of 100,000 tons, construction of two nos. of Breakwaters (east breakwater: 311m length; west breakwater: 988m length),Roads, 230,000 m2 storage yard, Buildings and all utilities for the operation of the port. The main construction work of the phase I was officially commenced on 15th January 2008 and the project duration is 39 months. The first vessel was ceremonially berthed at Hambantota Port on 18th November 2010.Many domestic and foreign enterprises expressed a strong interest in business opportunities in this port.